MMS Testimonial Dental problems

Re Abcessed Tooth: A little over a year ago, I got an infection below one of my teeth. I spiked a fever and my lymph gland under my jaw enlarged. After four nights of being awake with pain, I went to an emergency dental clinic and got RX for antibiotics and oxycodone. A temporary solution to be sure but it’s never been as severe again. Then I went to a dentist and he referred me to a surgeon for by optionis which were 1)total removal of the tooth, root canal with crown, or an implanted tooth. So I’ve been waiting over a year now for the miracle which didn’t happen. My tooth continues to hurt when I eat and it is somewhat loose and my gum has been sensitive and even mushy at times.

About two weeks ago, my gum was swollen, bleeding and leaking fluid of some sort, don’t like to think about it much. But at any rate I was getting ready to go off to the surgeon for the options to the tune of $2500 or so. As you can imagine, I was really pleased when I found out about MMS. I didn’t go to the doctor, something I don’t recommend because it’s a personal decision and all the warnings on health products tell you to go to see your health practicioner. I’ve been taking MMS daily for 5 days now. Haven’t been faithful with the brushing but I do swish and swallow the activated juice. The bleeding has stopped and the gum doesn’t feel so mushy.

I still have pain when I chew and the tooth is still loose. Looking forward to a better mouth within another 4 weeks. PS. I prefer to activate with citric acid solution because of Dr. Rath’s work. I don’t really care to eliminate the cholesterol and plaque from my high load arteries without the healing of the underlying tissue being supported. I THERE IS NO MEDICAL ADVICE HERE! This list is the 1st Amendment in action. The things you will find here are for information and research purposes only. We are people sharing information we believe in. If you act on ideas found here, you do so at your own risk. Self-help requires intelligence, common sense, and the ability to take responsibility for your own actions. By joining the list you agree to hold yourself FULLY responsible FOR yourself. Do not use any ideas found here without consulting a medical professional, unless you are a researcher or health care provider.




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